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Bad Perfume Choice.Versailles by Julian Rouas Paris smells like a musty closet, mothballs, or "something old".

The heavy scent of pungent-smelling flowers is disagreeable and remotely evocative of flatulence. This perfume smells cheap, vulgar, and incongruously artificial. I have such ´bad luck´ in choosing perfumes. Of all the perfumes out there I had to end up with Julian Rouas Paris "Versailles".

This relatively new company only has a few perfumes: Swing for man, Swing for woman, Exstasy Night, L.A. City Swing, and Versailles. The intended or unintended sexual connotation was a bit too obtrusive and equally overwhelming. I´m a little bit shy, and I didn´t want to get emotionally involved, so I chose the less debauched one, Versailles.

This is a hard fragrance with too many woody notes and ginger. It reminded me of that crappy cologne I wore in high school. It is strong, unkind, foul-smelling, evocative of *** sweat. This fragrance would even make Paris Hilton cringe.

Sadly, the perfume industry has become debased over the past 20 years by the drive towards rampant commercialism. Julian Rouas Paris is positioned as the epitome of that decline. Every *** has their own perfume these days! A perfume is not only felt by the person wearing it.

All I can say is, Versailles made everyone around me ill or irritated (talk about making a lasting impression). Forty minutes after I have sprayed it on, it has become so overpowering that I felt violently ill. I had developed a migraine headache and bad nausea. Driving around town, I would have gladly parked my car and jumped into any swimming pool to wash it off.

I did survive this nasty perfume. Once I got home, I´ve tried washing it off, but it didn´t seem to work. It was like removing skunk smell from a dog. I would never buy from Julian/rouas/ again, or from any other online perfume shop for that matter.

After calling the company several times, it appears that Julian Rouas Paris has no customer service. Julian Rouas is the ´customer service´. I´m almost certainly out of luck! "how long do you think it will take to get my money back?", I asked diffidently.

Julian Rouas replied succinctly, "what money?!".

I will never deal with this one-man company again!

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