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This is the extremum of perfume scam.Julian Rouas is a professional ***-man passing himself off as a perfume Designer.

He is a compulsive liar, a cheat and a scam. That's how he operates: he flaunts a perfume bottle and a cute miniature leather golf bag to entice investors. Once the unsuspecting investors take the bait Julian Rouas offers them the deal of a lifetime, a "substantial" investement in his company and they will own 30% of the company. A bogus massive order is shown to the investors duping them into believing the timing is perfect and hence this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Julian Rouas' mouth is his workshop and his tongue his favorite tool. The investors invest their money in Julian Rouas' shady company for the purpose of merchandise production. Then, to their shock, the phantasmagorical order fell through, and their money… POOF!!! In the meantime, Julian Rouas is "living la vida loca" spending the investors' money on a lavish lifestyle.

This unscrupulous individual loves to rip people off and reaches his euphoric ***-artist "***" when spending their money; it's a bizarre fetish of his. So far, he has embezzelled more than 800 thousand dollars. Lo and behold, Julian Rouas' favorite crime playground are synaguoges and temples where he hobnobs with the money-hungry religious zealots. On his website, ­, a link takes you directly to a page "investment" which serves as a decoy to seduce investors in.

This consumate criminal has turned perfume scam into a science.

A few months ago Julian Rouas popped on the FBI' s radar, his days are now numbered.From stripes suits to prison stripes.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Its unfortunate that people are disliking his good hygienic eco-friendly products and doing negative publicity. Why nobody is using there own brain in getting a good business for them, doing a negative marketing on renowned brand "JULIAN ROUAS PARIS" is by his rivals in simple but as a good business need to be stand with pillars of truth, and trustworthiness, which is there with Julian Rouas Paris, A company that is being negatively criticized by its rival companies and few people who unlikely wanted to harm his business.

Well JULAIN your support with us for past six months is really appreciable and we got all the products from you of best quality.

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