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This is a scam warning!! Julian Rouas Paris - A Perfume Deal That Stinks!! Julian Rouas is making money on the wrong side of the law. Investors, beware! Financing Julian Rouas Paris it's like dumping money down the toilet. Julian Rouas was off the radar for a while, but unfortunately he is rearing his ugly head again! This professional ***-artist has a bad history of screwing people out of their money; It hits the level of criminality! If you wish to invest your funds in a brilliant way, Julian Rouas doesn't actually meet the right criteria. Clearly, his perfume operation is a front for scamming people anyway he can. Julian Rouas is a "serial scam artist", thus far, he has defrauded a plethora of investors out of everything they owned without a spasm of remorse. You will be left to hang out to dry with nothing but a bogus contract and a little bottle of perfume. Several of Julian Rouas' many victims in Los Angeles and Las Vegas are so infuriated that they want to beat him to death with their bare hands and put his head on a pike! Your investment won't become profitable anytime soon! Julian Rouas shaky business invoices between $0 and $200 dollars a month. Perpetually in a financial cul-de-sac, this spending beast is always faced with a desperate need for financing his extravagant lifestyle. When dealing with Julian Rouas, bear in mind that he is a pathological compulsive liar who lies about everything with a sincere face, he is very persuasive, conniving, persistent, and always feigning personable friendliness to sneak in through your emotions. In essence, Julian Rouas is an adroit manipulator, a master puppeteer who constantly blames others for his transgressions. You'll know what kind of person he is, not by what he says, but by what his actions demonstrate. Research his history on the web. A little web knowledge goes a long way. In the court of law as well as in the court of public opinion Julian Rouas' reputation is shredded. Evidence shows that several cases are presently prosecuted against him in California. However, many victims are reluctant to report the scam because of embarrassment, thus, letting him get away with it. I've lost lots of money to this dedicated criminal schemes. Don't fall victim to Julian Rouas' business opportunity fraud!! He is a vicious little ingrate who is sickeningly corrupt!! It is an outcry that people like him can roam the streets!

Basking in his new role of shady Businessman/Perfume Designer, Julian Rouas is faced with the dilemma of embracing crime and craving respectability. That's not how it works! What goes around comes around! He who pays the piper calls the tune - CASE IN POINT, one revealing court case against Julian Rouas showing how this conniving bag of *** has embezzled $40 thousand dollars from an unsuspecting investor. (enter the name "Rouas Julian" in the search box. Then, enter the case number: 485438, in the case number search box) at,


Monetary Loss: $120.

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